May 7, 2020

Why I Enjoy First Looks | Biloxi Wedding Photographer

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So I get the question “Should we or should we not do a first look?” quite a bit!

I know, I know… some people LOVE first looks and others hate them. While you will never hear me trying to push my brides in one direction, I will share a few reasons why I do love the first look!


1. Timeline

Normally with a first look, we are able to photograph most, if not all, of your portraits. This includes you, your sweetheart, the wedding party, and your immediate family.

If you would rather wait to have your family photos done until right after the wedding that’s still totally fine! It will likely be a 10-30 minute timeframe depending on the size of your family. This time allows the guests to make their way to the reception area, find their table, settle in, grab a drink, and likely, your entrance will be shortly before they even have time to get anxious! Cocktail hour even allows more time for you to freshen up before you’re announced in, and some couples even take this time to grab a quick bite to eat since time will likely run away from you.


2.  Emotion

If you or your sweetie are a little on the shy side, a first look allows you to have a private moment. You can take as long as you’d like to soak up these moments together! Our team makes sure we allow you space to talk privately and not get too close! 😉


3. Weather

Sometimes the weather gives us many obstacles to overcome. It might rain the morning of your wedding, but move out and the sun starts to shine. Sometimes it starts beautiful, the clouds move in and we know we can’t move outdoors now. In the winter it gets dark earlier, but many brides still want that evening wedding, who blames them, right!? But what about if you want outdoor photos and not all indoors? A first look can be the perfect solution.

I had one wedding last year where we went ahead and photographed the first look and wedding party photos outside with every dark cloud in South Mississippi piling on us! It wasn’t raining though so we wanted to take full advantage of it. I’m so glad we did! It came to a downpour just before the ceremony that actually set us back about 30 minutes, BUT, we still managed an outdoor ceremony! It was wild, crazy, muddy, and beautiful! But, because of our first look, we captured some of the most beautiful photos!


I hope these three little things explain why I do love having the chance to incorporate the first look!

But, as always, your wedding is unique to you, my sweet friend. If all you want is the moment you walk down the aisle to your forever, and you know a first look is not for you, then trust your heart! <3 <3 Your day will be perfect no matter what, because, after all, you are going to be married to your favorite person at the end of the day!

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