In 2019, Kayce Stork Photography + Films was born after we merged our two businesses together to better serve our couples. 

We offer wedding photography and two collections featuring a photo/video bundle!

Delivering beautiful memories means so much to us, but the relationships we are able to build with our couples throughout the planning process is something we feel is just as important! 

We're truly thrilled to work with all of our couples and we are honored to serve you during this happy time!

we're kayce + trevor.

Hey friends!

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Best friends who fell in love while working together in the wedding industry here in Biloxi, Mississippi.

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We began dating in August of 2020 and as if things couldn't get any better...they did.
Trevor proposed in October of 2021 and in February 2022, we were MARRIED! Then in the winter of 2023, things got even better when we welcomed our first child!

We're so proud of our business but more than that, we're thankful that God saw fit to give us one another for this crazy, beautiful life! 

So, I met a tall, handsome local videographer...the rest is history... 

In 2018 a mutual photographer friend introduced me to a tall, handsome local videographer while we were all having a group dinner at Cracker Barrel.
Romantic, right? ;-) 
We became friends (yes, just friends) and finally worked our first wedding together in December that year. 

After lots of praying, we decided to merge our businesses together in 2019. We expected it to be a slow process, but, soon after our merger, we were booking more weddings together than apart. 

(He was head over heels from the start, y'all...)

The next day I got up the nerve to request to be her Facebook friend and the rest is kinda history. 

She's the chatty to my quiet. She's my other half.

I'm not one for lots of words, but Luke Combs says it very well, "Some things just go better together and probably always will..."

We had a nice dinner where Kayce nervously, quietly sat on her side of the table. She played it cool... but I've never seen her that quiet since then!

It all started...

I had a longtime family friend who knew an established wedding photographer that she wanted me to meet at a group dinner. I assumed it was for networking opportunities, but quickly realized she was up to something.

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Our Story

Photograph and film a wedding in Italy. 

Go whale watching in Alaska!

Visit the mountains for a destination wedding!

Learn to make Macaroons.

Visit Maine! 

Get published in our favorite wedding magazine!

our Bucket List...

her: thanksgiving

him: christmas


him: grey | her: pink 

Favorite colors:

him: The office
her: fixer upper

Tv Show:

chips and a coke icee


Fun Facts






the best thing ever!

level of hearts for...




cups of coffee
per day


Kayce's fave: Vanilla 
Trevor's fave: Sweet Cream

we really like...



our baby



pretty good at...





Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Words we live by:

- Jesus (the golden rule)

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