March 10, 2021

Coastal Ocean Springs Engagement Session


I’m doing something a little different on this engagement session! A little Q&A with the BRIDE! <3

How did you meet?

Believe it or not, we met in first grade. We were in the same class, and we were already a familiar face to each other due to after school activities. Had it not been for Reba’s Rascals of Vancleave, MS where I took gym, baton, and dance, we may not be where we are today. Roman’s older sister Amanda (my Matron of Honor) was my teacher at Reba’s. Roman was always there waiting outside after school to flirt with me when we got out of practice. Amanda would always tease me before I tumbled down the gymnastics mat saying, “You’re going to be my sister-in-law one day” because she knew we had a crush on each other. Roman would always chase me around the 1st grade playground at recess, and I even slipped one day in a wet pile of leaves and broke my arm! Roman ran to get the P.E. coach, drew me “get better soon” pictures, and even signed my hot pink cast. We have pictures together from school field trips and awards days (with my cast on), and I still have his drawings and a necklace he had given me for Valentine’s Day, all from first grade! We lost connection through the following years (probably because I was mad at him for chasing me) even though we went to the same schools. At a mutual friend’s birthday party Senior year of high school, we fell for each other once again. Roman asked me to Senior Prom and we were both already accepted to college at Mississippi State University. IT WAS FATE! 

What is your proposal story?

Freshman year at MSU, we painted our initials on a tree outside of my dorm room. Throughout our 5 years in Starkville, we would check our tree to see if our initials were still there, especially after bad storms. After my graduation this day, with the help of our families, Roman strategically guided me to our tree for us to check one last time if our initials were still there before moving back home. Turns out, they were, along with a ring! That was the best paint we ever bought! Wrap it in Maroon and White” is a signature saying that has been a tradition for decades at MSU. It is mostly said after every MSU win, and it inspired our wedding hashtag! We can’t wait to #WrapItInMoranAndWhite! 

Tell us about the ring/band.

The brilliant round cut diamond in my engagement ring is a family heirloom that belonged to Roman’s Grandmother (Mamaw), Carolyn. I had the privilege of meeting her in high school and us spending many days together before Roman and I left for college. She passed the diamond down to Roman three years before he proposed to me. He knew all along that he wanted me to be the one to wear it. He designed the entire setting a year before asking for my hand in marriage. It is a rose gold band with 8 diamonds on each side of the center stone. It has a hidden halo with 4 diamonds underneath the front and back of the center stone. It sparkles more than anything I have ever seen sparkle before, and it holds great value in reminding us of the cherished times we spent with Mamaw.  

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

I really tried to stay within my wedding color scheme of maroon, rose gold, champagne, and white when choosing my outfits. The glistening gold glitter and white sequin pattern dress I wore on the beach was found online by my Mom and I when we were not even looking for it! We both realized at the same moment that nothing else could compare! It was so much fun getting to go barefoot with sandy toes in this outfit! The maroon, ruffle-sleeved, crochet lace top that I wore symbolizes our connection to MSU. Roman’s polo even featured a tiny maroon bulldog! I wanted us to wear something cute and casual that we would typically be seen in ringing our cowbells at Davis Wade Stadium! Our cowbells were hand-painted by a local artist to say “From Cowbells to Wedding Bells” on one side, and our wedding date surrounded by a wreath of our color scheme on the other. Also, one of my best friends even designed the gold, champagne, and rose lava beaded stack bracelets I wore to complete this look! The white, satin, apron style wrap dress with an outer bow tie I wore paired with Roman’s Italian black suit was meant for a classic, timeless look. I paired my dress with translucent, ankle wrap, block heels featuring a rose gold buckle. 

Please share the best piece of advice used while planning this event. 

Never settle! If there is a vendor or venue that you truly want that is out of your budget, but you know you COULD make it work, do it! Do not ask yourself, “It’s just one day, why would I spend that much money?” Instead, ask yourself, “This is the most SPECIAL day of my entire life, why would I settle?” 

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