1. Hanger for your wedding dress photos.
(You will want a pretty hanger for your pretty dress!)

2. Clean up the bridal suite areas!
This will help your photo backgrounds look their best!

3. First aid kit! 
Even a small one with some pain reliever, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, etc. You never know ;-)

4. Double side tape, safety pins, earring backs, etc.
Think about making a tiny bag with random things that might come in very handy as you're getting ready! 

5. Have all of your ceremony must haves in a box and with someone who will make sure they are placed in the correct spot! Example: The programs, the flower girl basket...

6. Phone chargers!
I can't tell you the times someone has needed a charger, haha!

7. Change of shoes! 
Gotta have some comfy shoes to boogie in!

8. A handheld steamer.
Someone can thank me later for this tip!

9. Wedding invitation set for your detail photos! 
All the pretty details! 

10. Your marriage license! 

10 things you don't want to forget on your wedding day!

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