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Meet Kayce

I'm a wedding photographer, but I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, storyteller, wannabe-interior designer who has a tiny (okay...very big) obsession with Joanna Gaines!

I enjoy writing and sharing the knowledge that I've learned over the years in the wedding industry! 

I hope you love reading the blog, seeing our work and grab lots of helpful tips along the way!

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So I get the question “Should we or should we not do a first look?” quite a bit! I know, I know… some people LOVE first looks and others hate them. While you will never hear me trying to push my brides in one direction, I will share a few reasons why I do love […]

Why I Enjoy First Looks | Biloxi Wedding Photographer

8 Ways I Recharge | Mississippi Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I have lots of times when I’m very busy with weddings, bridal portraits and engagement portraits on weekends and even some weekdays when my couples have a more flexible schedule. So when you’re posting that you’re so excited for the weekend, I possibly work the entire weekend, LOL. No worries though, I seriously adore my job and wouldn’t change it!!

But as Artist, I definitely need time to take time to recharge so that I’m 100% for my clients. How do I do this exactly? I’ll certainly share it! 😉

Mississippi Wedding Photographer


  1. Take the time to pray, read my Bible, etc. I understand this may not be an option for some who are not religious, but I’m sure you can relate in some way or another like taking time to read, have quiet time to journal, things like that! 🙂
  2. Exercise! I may not initially enjoy going to the gym, but I’ve NEVER regretted it. A good workout is good for everything! I also enjoy walking on the beach!
  3. Take a drive. Yes, I’m one of those odd folks who love to drive down old backroads on a sunny afternoon! Listening to music and singing along is a great way to recharge!
  4. A short nap! A nap fixes everything, right?
  5. Reading. I love a good book!! (Feel free to send me your current top 3 that you’ve found!)
  6. Visiting with friends and family. (Even if it’s just a quick Tuesday night dinner!)
  7. Shopping 😉 Yes, this is probably NOT the best thing to do, lol! But it’s not all the time! A “little” retail therapy isn’t bad, haha!
  8. Writing! Sometimes it’s a blog post like this one, or sometimes writing in my prayer journal.

I’m sure this feels like a more simple blog port for me, normally I’m talking about my amazing couples or sharing tips for planning, but sometimes I think it’s a great thing to get outside of our little box and share something NEW.

Have anything you do to recharge that you’d like to share? Feel free to drop them below if you’d like!


See my website HERE! 

See “The New Orleans Princess” Blog right here! Another way I recharge is to do a model session now and then! 😉


Oh, friend… what a wild few weeks right?! One minute you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, making final preparations, placing the final touches on your seating charts, when suddenly we’re told to not gather with more than 10 people, schools closed, working remotely, you name it! This pandemic is certainly nothing to simply brush […]

We want to help! | Wedding Planning in South Mississippi

A New Orleans Princess | Bridal Portraits in Louisiana

Emily was sitting on the beautiful bridge when out of the corner of my eye I see two little girls running, full speed ahead while saying something I couldn’t quite hear, straight up the stairs to her. Emily glanced at them and gave a friendly smile and wave. When they were finally close enough to her I heard one exclaim, “Are you a PRINCESS!?!?” Emily laughed softly and said, “I sure am!” This produced a tiny shout of joy, followed by the question, “What kind of princess are you?” to which Emily replied, “I’m a New Orleans Princess!”

I told Emily that I had my blog post title!




I photographed Emily’s sister, Kimberly last year and was able to work with Emily at the wedding here in Biloxi, where both girls grew up. Emily was the perfect Maid of Honor for her sister and now it’s her turn!

I then had the opportunity to work with Jimmy and Emily again for their engagement session here in New Orleans at City Park when I just fell in love with the beautiful area. I knew I wanted to have a bridal portrait session here one day for sure.


I was going to be in the area the week of Mardi Gras for a friend to go out of town and had the idea to reach out to a model for a session while I was only 45 minutes away from the city. I remembered that Emily was close to the area and was getting married in just a few weeks so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask if she had the time for a model shoot. SHE MADE TIME for me and I’m pretty sure I happy danced in my office! No shame! She said she and her wedding photographer had already taken some in another area, but she’d be happy to have some in the park and model for me, too. I was giddy!

I love working with models, but a real bride that might actually want to print a photo for her home, or gift a portrait to her mom that I’ve taken just makes my heart burst with joy.


We began at Bevolo in the French Quarter. The dress, hair, and area all tied in SO well together, don’t you think? Then we went to City Park for a lovely sunset. It really was a day fit for a Princess!


Emily, I can’t thank you enough for doing this styled/model shoot with me, especially on such crazy short notice! I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!


Hair and Makeup: TBA

Dress Designer: Martina Liana

New Orleans Louisiana Bridal Portraits at City Park by Kayce Stork Photography & Films City Park Bridal Session in New Orleans Louisiana

Oh, that heavenly light!! City Park New Orleans Louisiana Bridal Session City Park New Orleans Louisiana


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