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I'm a wedding photographer, but I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, storyteller, wannabe-interior designer who has a tiny (okay...very big) obsession with Joanna Gaines, Hobby Lobby and Target. 

I love writing and sharing the knowledge that I've learned over the years in the wedding industry! 

I hope you love reading the blog and grab lots of helpful tips along the way! Contact me to set up your consultation!

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So I have said more than once that I fangirl over anything Joanna Gaines… did y’all think I was kidding? I celebrated my 32nd birthday in late November and had a trip to Houston scheduled for work the weekend after Thanksgiving. I try to treat myself to something for my birthday every year, so I […]

My Trip to Magnolia Market | Kayce Stork Photography

Timeline Planning for your Wedding | Biloxi Weddings

As a bride, you will eventually need to sit down and create your wedding timeline. A timeline ensures that the day runs smoothly and that all vendors are on the same page. If you are wondering what a typical wedding timeline looks like and how much time your photographer will need to capture all the important aspects of your day, here is an example to help you get started.

Now allow me to remind you of this, in all of my years of wedding photography I’ve found that there’s really no one size fits all timeline. I work with EACH COUPLE to ensure that the timeline is specific to their wedding. This is simply a sample to give to each bride to consider. 

I’m here each step of the way to help <3

Décor: 30 – 45 Minutes

Your photographer will want to capture some shots of your venue and the décor before your reception area is filled with people, which is why this is generally the starting point. Don’t forget to mention any specific details that you want your photographer to capture.

Men Getting Ready: 30 Minutes

Next, your photographer will want to grab some shots of the guys getting ready. This will include any shots of them chilling in their casual outfits, getting ready and any general detail shots.

Ladies Getting Ready: 90 Minutes

Your photographer will spend more time with you and your bridesmaids because there is a lot more going on. Make sure that your photographer is able to capture some shots of you getting your hair and makeup done before you start getting ready. These 90 minutes may also include your mom or dad seeing you for the first time.

Biloxi Wedding Timeline Planning

Ceremony: Varies

Since each wedding is unique, so there is no set time for your ceremony. It does help to build the timing of the rest of your day around your ceremony though. Not only do you want to make sure that your photographer has enough time for your couple photos afterward but that there’s enough time to capture you getting ready too.

Cocktail Hour: 30 Minutes

If you would like to capture photos of your guests as you greet them after the ceremony, work this into your timeline. Some couples choose to use this time to capture family and bridal party photos instead though.

Family & Bridal Party Photos: 30 Minutes

Before you get into your couple session, your photographer will spend time capturing family photos as well as photos of the bridal party.

Couple Photos: 60 Minutes

Your photographer will generally plan your photos according to the time the sun sets as this will give you the best light.

This should give you a good general idea of how your day will need to be planned out but your photographer will assist you with your timeline once you have provided them with important details such as the length of your ceremony.

Wedding Timeline Planning

Stay beautiful, friends! Have questions? Contact me here!

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“I love you still. It had to be you, wonderful you…it had to be you.” Frank Sinatra   One of the most incredible things about being a wedding photographer is having the opportunity to meet and work with such wonderful people! Tina is by far one of the sweetest individuals you will ever have the […]

Classic Black Tie Wedding at White House Hotel | Biloxi Mississippi Weddings

8 Ways to Feel More Relaxed in Front of Your Wedding Photographer’s Camera | Mississippi Wedding Photographers

Welcome to: 8 Ways to Feel More Relaxed in Front of Your Wedding Photographer’s Camera!

I’m sure we all know someone who is just a natural in front of a camera (I’m not one of those people and I’m a Photographer, haha!) but if you’ve been getting a sinking feeling in your stomach every time you think about being in front of a photographer on your wedding day, know that you’re not alone.

Naturally, you want your wedding photos to look amazing and the more relaxed you are, the better your photos will turn out.

Here are a few tips that will have you breathing easy on the day of your wedding!


Always meet your photographer in person. If possible, ALWAYS meet your photographer in person. You may love a photographer’s style but if your personalities aren’t a good match, you’re not going to feel as comfortable as you want to on your wedding day. If you absolutely can’t meet in person, then try for a phone call or even Skype or Facetime! 

Schedule an engagement shoot. The best way to get more comfortable in front of the camera is to schedule an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. This way you will have a better idea of what to do and how your photographer works by the time your wedding day arrives.

Keep communicating. In the months leading up to your wedding, keep the lines of communication open with your photographer. If you think of a shot you really want or make a change to your timeline, be sure to let your photographer know so that you are both on the same page on your wedding day.

Keep the focus on your partner. When you start taking photos, cut everything and everyone else out and just focus on them. Your husband or wife is the person you feel the most relaxed around, so focus on that if you’re feeling nervous.

Schedule enough time. Running out of time will make anyone anxious so schedule in enough time for your couple shots.

Hold something. If you hate not knowing what to do with your hands, keep your bouquet or a pretty prop close by so that you can incorporate it into your photos. (I ALWAYS help with posing so don’t fret over this too much!)

Mississippi Wedding Photographers Mississippi Wedding Photographers

A REAL REVIEW from the bride, Ashley, who’s featured in today’s post!

“BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!!! Kayce traveled all the way to OK to do my wedding pictures. She also did my engagement pictures. She has such attention to detail and is helpful and calming on the wedding day. I felt like a model and a princess thanks to her!! Can’t say enough good things.”

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