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I'm a wedding photographer, but I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, storyteller, wannabe-interior designer who has a tiny (okay...very big) obsession with Joanna Gaines, Hobby Lobby and Target. 

I love writing and sharing the knowledge that I've learned over the years in the wedding industry! 

I hope you love reading the blog and grab lots of helpful tips along the way! Contact me to set up your consultation!

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Choosing your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, if you know exactly what to be aware of, it can be a fun and relaxing part of planning your wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you during the process:   Take your wedding gown style into consideration. Even though you […]

August 21, 2019

Choosing your Bridesmaids Dresses | South Mississippi Weddings

August 19, 2019

How to prepare for your Photographer | Mississippi Weddings

 { Four Things to Do Before Your Photographer Arrives at Your Wedding Venue }


So much planning goes into a wedding day and even though all of the big things will be planned well in advance, there is still one or two things that you will need to do on your wedding day to make sure your photos turn out just a little bit better!

Preparing for the arrival of your photographer will ensure that you can focus on having fun and getting ready, while your photographer has everything they need to take the photos you really want!

How to Prepare for Your Photographer’s Arrival


Number 1:

Put them in touch with the right people. A bride should never have to worry about coordinating anything or dealing with any problems on her wedding day, which is why it’s important to provide your photographer with the contact details of your maid of honor as well as your wedding coordinator should they have any questions or need any information on the day.


Mississippi Weddings


Number 2:

Keep the room clear. Your photographer needs space when taking your getting-ready shots so keep the room free of clutter and the number of people in the room to a minimum. It’s ok for people to come and say hello during the day but it’s best to just have your bridal party in the room when it’s time to take those key photos. The small details matter too so be sure to clear away any coat hangers, soda cans, and handbags so that your photographer doesn’t need to waste time clearing the room and pushing you back on your timeline!


Number 3:

Keep your details together. If you want your photographer to take photos of items such as your shoes, garters, and jewelry, keep them all in one place. This way, by the time your photographer asks for them, everything is ready to go.


Mississippi Weddings


Relax and enjoy this moment. Some of the best photos happen when you’re not paying attention and are simply enjoying the process of getting ready with the people you love. Your photographer is a professional and the best thing that you can do is to relax and enjoy your day so that they can take the perfect photos of you getting ready.


Planning a wedding can be trying at the best of times but this additional preparation just means that you will get to enjoy your day, even more, when the time comes!

See more planning tips right here!


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Hiring a Photography & Video Team! If you haven’t already seen the big news, we’ve expanded! We now have a videographer! We’re now Kayce Stork Photography & Films! What led to the decision to add this service? I’d love to share! 1.  Ease for our Brides I understand when you’re planning your big day that […]

August 18, 2019

Hiring a Team | Kayce Stork Photography & Films

August 17, 2019

Reception Details You Need To Know | Biloxi Wedding Reception

Your photographer plays one of the biggest roles in your wedding day. It’s their job to ensure that the day is not only following a specific timeline but that they’re capturing the shots that are most important to you.

When it comes to working with a wedding photographer, communication is key. By discussing all of your expectations upfront, your photographer can better prepare for the day and can offer you their professional suggestions too.

There are a few details about your wedding reception that you should definitely be discussing with your photographer ahead of time:


1. Timing is everything. Your entire wedding day will, of course, follow a very specific schedule. This ensures that everything runs smoothly, that you and your guests have enough time to enjoy yourselves and that your photographer knows when the big moments are about to go down.

Your photographer needs to know when your speeches, first dance, bouquet, and garter toss will be happening so that he/she can be prepared. If you’ve hired a wedding planner then chances are your planner will send out the timeline and will alert vendors before these events take place throughout the reception.

Biloxi Wedding Reception



2. What matters to you? While your photographer knows which shots are most important at a wedding reception if there are any particular shots that really matter to you, be sure to discuss them with your photographer even if they might seem obvious.

Gulfport Biloxi Wedding Photographers Wedding Reception Gulfport


3. Names and numbers. Your photographer doesn’t want to bother you with questions and details on the day so it’s best to give them the names and numbers of family and people in your wedding party that they can turn to if need be. It’s also important for your photographer to know who they can talk to at the venue on the day if they need anything.


4. Food arrangements. The photography and video team will need a short break to allow for a light snack and some water. I find it best to have an idea of when this can take place, but my personal style is to ask the couple if they’re okay with us slipping out for 10-15 minutes for our break. Some brides do prefer someone with them at all times and what we do during that instance is we take breaks in rotation.

Biloxi Wedding Reception


5. Your concerns. Your photographer is there to capture the very best photos and to make sure that you’re happy with them. If you have any worries or concerns, whether it’s about a certain family member or the fact that you hate your arms, make your photographer aware of them ahead of time.


Remember, the better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be on your wedding day. Your photographer is there to help and has done many times before so it’s ok to lean on them for advice and suggestions!

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