August 18, 2019

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Hiring a Photography & Video Team!

If you haven’t already seen the big news, we’ve expanded! We now have a videographer and a new name! Kayce Stork Photography & Films!

What led to the decision to add this service? I’d love to share!

1.  Ease for our Brides

I understand when you’re planning your big day that your checklist is a long one! There’s the venue, the florals, photos, videos, catering, rentals, cakes, dresses, entertainment, etc.. see what I mean!?

We check off TWO of those marks! I normally take over the timeline planning with our bride and go over the photo/video process with her. I also send everything to Trevor to make sure he’s prepared for the big day! One less thing for our couple to need to worry with!

We also work together very well, which leads us to the second reason.



2. Working Together AKA “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

As a Photographer, it aggravates me so much when I feel like I have to fight for time with the couple, and all the aspects of the day because I have a videographer who needs a warning label of “I don’t play well with others!” (As dramatic as that sounds, it’s so true!)

While there are other video companies that I truly enjoy working with, I love having this service to offer to my amazing couples! I can promise you that with us, we consider one another equally and you get the best of both worlds because of it!

In some defense to the videographers, I hear horror stories from them, too. The last photographer they worked with insisted on getting in front of their lens or stepped directly in front of the couple during the ceremony or cake cutting, things like this. I understand their frustration, too!! But with my team and I, we know how the other works, what they need, and how to execute our plan effectively in both creativity and time management.



3. Similar Styles

We both have a very traditional, classic style to our work but love a romantic look! Working together as we do, tells a very cohesive story in both detail and appearance, which any couple will love!


Kayce Stork Photography & Films

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