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Meet Kayce

I'm a wedding photographer, but I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, storyteller, wannabe-interior designer who has a tiny (okay...very big) obsession with Joanna Gaines!

I enjoy writing and sharing the knowledge that I've learned over the years in the wedding industry with not only my brides, but anyone who wants an extra hand to hold during this amazing season! 

I hope you love reading the blog, seeing our work and grab lots of helpful tips along the way!

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Winter Engagement Session in Ocean Springs & Biloxi

We can’t wait to share these images from Haley & Ross’s Engagement Session!

Our day started in downtown Ocean Springs, which is a perfect backdrop for any occasion if you ask me! The second location was the White House Hotel in Biloxi. I knew when I saw Haley’s outfit choices that we needed this to be our second stop! I was so happy when Haley said that they loved both ideas.

So enough with me… I asked Haley if she would mind sharing their story and she agreed! It’s much better 😉

Engagement story

Ross and I met in college our sophomore year in our chemistry lab. After a few classes, Ross would meet me in the chem lab before class to help me with my homework and the rest is history! Ever since then, we have been apart of each other’s lives. We started out just being friends during college, went to a few date parties, and it wasn’t until after college we actually started dating. After quite some years, Ross was cooking dinner one night and I had just gotten back from the gym and he rushed me to go take a shower, having candles lit and wine poured. This was not extremely out of the ordinary, but I had a feeling something was up. The whole time I was showering I thought “ Should I put on makeup and fix my hair?” “What if I am reading this wrong?” “Is he really about to propose?!” I always told him I did not want a big to-do proposal; just wanted me and him. So we sat down to eat, no makeup or hair fixed lol, and once we were done Ross pulled the little box out of his pocket that I thought I had seen, and popped the question! Even after all the signs, I was so surprised!

It was perfect, just me, him, and our dog Drake. We then called all our family and friends and have been celebrating and planning ever since!! 

My ring story

Quite some months back before the proposal, Ross had asked if I had an idea of a ring I would like if he were to ever propose. I quickly said, yep! I will send you the picture lol so I sent a picture of a gold ring (I have alwayssss been a gold jewelry girl) that had a cushion cut diamond. In the picture was also a wedding band that had baguettes. I told him I loved the ring but wanted baguettes down the side of the band of the ring. Without my knowledge, he and his mom, who also loves jewelry as much as me, so I knew I was in great hands, went to the jewelry store that my family has used for years with the pictures. With the help of his mom and the sweet ladies at Shelton’s Jewelry, they designed the perfect ring! It is more than I could have ever wanted and I will cherish it forever! 

Wedding planning

Since the night we got engaged, our families immediately started asking “When’s the wedding?!” as they were just as excited as we were! So we knew that we wanted to get married at the Catholic Church we attend weekly, St. James Catholic Church, so that was my first call. I also knew I couldn’t plan a wedding by spring and did not want to get married in the summer, so we asked for several dates in October/November. Once the church gave me several options, there were two other must-haves we knew we wanted: the Slavonian Lodge for a reception and our wonderful photographer, Kayce Stork.

Ross and I have been in several weddings where Kayce was the photographer as well as she photographed my Mardi Gras ball the prior year where Ross helped as her second shooter due to hers being sick, so she was a must-have! So, we presented those dates to the lodge and Kayce, and picked a mutual one between the church, the lodge, and Kayce and came up with October 23, 2021. Ever since then, we have been slowly calling and booking all of our vendors we will be having to help us with the perfect weekend! We make it a point to plan/call/book almost one vendor a week so it is not so much at once and this has worked for us thus far. We cannot wait to celebrate with everyone in October!!

Ross was an awesome assistant, by the way! ;-) Thank y’all for having us! We can’t wait to celebrate with you! -Kayce

Engagament Portraits outside in Ocean Springs and Biloxi

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This beautiful couple celebrated their dream wedding back in October, but I’m SO behind on blogging/sharing/shouting all of my clients from the roof! Emily + Andrew have a precious story! You can read it here! They were high school sweethearts and he accused her of stealing his Burt’s Bees chapstick to get her number – […]

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Win a Signature Engagement Session | Mississippi Weddings

We hope you had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! (Insert Buddy the Elf jumping up and down screaming, “SANTTTAAA” right here!!)

We’re not known for being one of those companies constantly giving something away, but for special occasions, we do enjoy gifting something that we love so much…ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS! And what better time of the year than now, am I right!?

Did you receive THAT extra special gift this year!?!? Now through January 3, 2021, you can enter to WIN A SIGNATURE ENGAGEMENT SESSION with us!

To enter:

  1. Comment below (in the comment section) with the date you said, “YES!” (You can even tell the story of your proposal if you’d like! We love reading those!)
  2. Share this post on your Facebook wall!

We will announce a WINNER on January 5, 2021!


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