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Your wedding day will be filled with celebration, love, laughter and a number of memorable moments you’ll want to look back on for years to come. While having two photographers is not always necessary there are a number of reasons you might want to consider including a second shooter on your big day.

1. More coverage.

One of the most beneficial reasons to hire two photographers is that your main photographer doesn’t have to be in two places at once. This can be especially helpful during your getting ready shots as well as ceremony shots. Many ceremony locations have a restriction on where photographers can be during the ceremony. Having two photographers allows you to have more coverage and from different angles.

Biloxi Gulfport Wedding Photographers

Biloxi Wedding Photographers

2. More variety.

While you will have plenty more images because you will be able to have two photographers in multiple locations you will also get more variety of images. Whereas one photographer can only focus mainly on the bride and groom during special moments like the walk down the aisle, their first kiss and bouquet toss, a second shooter can capture the reactions from family and friends.

Gulfport Biloxi Wedding Photographers

Wedding Reception Gulfport

3. They catch the smaller details.

Many photographers prefer to have a second shooter because it allows them to have a second pair of eyes. While the main photographer focuses on how to perfectly pose and frame the shot, a second shooter will be more aware of smaller details that can slip by the main photographer. These little details may go undetected but with two pairs of eyes, they shouldn’t be missed.

Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographers - KSP

4. Different perspectives.

While the two photographers should have similar styles they will definitely look at things differently. The way they view your day will be different which will result in more versatile images. This can be especially true if you have one male and one female photographer.

Ocean Springs MS Biloxi Wedding Photographers 3


Below is a perfect example of why I love my second shooter! I was able to capture the back of the car as it drove away while she was at the end of the driveway to catch the front and the bride’s reaction as it was a total surprise to her!

Biloxi Gulfport Wedding Photographers


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    Unbelievably beautiful!


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