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Hey y'all! 

We were both born and raised in South Mississippi, but when you hear us speak, there's no doubt you'll quickly realize this! ;)
Working together to tell your story is our specialty. From the very start, we strive to make sure your day will be perfect!

Imagine hiring your photographer and videographer only to find on your wedding day that they don't work well together. Yikes, right?
 Not only dislike working together but almost refuse to work as a team to keep your timeline in order and make you more comfortable. Doesn't that sound less than perfect?!

With us you never have to worry about any kind of behind the scenes bickering or worse, full arguments or cold demeanors on such an important day. We understand the need for each vendor to do their part and act as a team. We do just this, but better, we are actually great friends and we want you to feel the same way with us! 

We strive to blend into your day seamlessly and never cause any kind of unnecessary stress. Working together, as a team/partners gives you the VIP treatment that we take pride in. 

 Giving our couples a beautiful wedding to look back on is our ultimate goal at each wedding, both in photography and video!

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3 of our favorite things

3 of our 


1. Watching sports
2. Playing golf
3. Being outdoors

1. Shopping
2. Reading
3. Decorating


Q: What do you notice about him/her as a person?

K: "Trevor has a great work ethic. Honest, fair and wants to treat everyone well. He's a good human!"

T: "She goes above and beyond to ensure she gives each client the VIP experience."

Q: What's something about him/her that clients may not know? 

K: "He would live on a golf course with a club in hand if he could, ha! He's also a whiz at problem solving! (I've sent more help me I've broke my computer messages to him than I care to admit..)"

T: "One of her favorite hymns is "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" and she also has a problem saying no to a Coke Icee."

Q: Give one reason why you like working with him/her?

K: "He wants to do his best at all times and most of all, he wants the couples to be happy before, during and after the wedding process."

T: " She's very relaxed, yet focused on making the day all it should be for the clients."

Q: Funny fact?

K: "Put a bowl of snack sized Twix or Snickers in front of him and they will all disappear!"

T: "She can't carry a tune to save her life!"

Q: Why do you work well together?

K: "I love to talk, while he can go hours without saying a word, haha! We're both driven to create beautiful works of art that our clients will adore! We care for each client and are very happy to be a part of their day!"

T: "Complete opposites on many levels, but very similar on others. We balance one another very well!" 

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