I'm a wedding photographer, but I'm also a daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, storyteller, wannabe-interior designer, who has a tiny (okay...very big) obsession with Joanna Gaines, Hobby Lobby and Target.

Blush + Bashful are my favorite colors.
If you understand this reference then I have a feeling we will be best friends! 

You'll see me smile extra big in the Chick-fil-A parking lot... hello sweet tea, my dear friend.

 I love all things detail and pretty on a wedding day, but what I love most is capturing the love and connection between  you and your sweetheart! 

The relationships I build with each couple are what I cherish most about this amazing job and I'm so honored as an artist that you've chosen me to capture one of the happiest days of your life. 

Hey friend!

If you sit with me long enough you might hear me chat about the following:
Iced Coffee
My Savior
Hobby Lobby
My Cats - Sassy Belle & Emily Gilmore 
Amazon Prime 
Rae Dunn 

I could snap my fingers at anyone I wanted to before I was 10 months old. 

My Mother is beyond proud of this, ha!

Not to brag... but I'm quite the brownie and cinnamon roll baker.

I'm a terrible dancer, but I am happy to get on the dance floor with you anytime...no rhythm and all ;) 

1% humidity and I turn into an extra on the Lion King. 
This is why you'll often see me with my hair up on wedding days!

Turn on Journey and I will sing along!
(I apologize in advance...)

Funny Facts

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