The Kayce Stork Photography Story

Kayce Stork's story about entering the world of photography starts out like many others, it started with a baby.
A baby girl was born in March 2007 and Kayce became obsessed with the perfect poses, lighting and all things photography.
  After photographing her own niece, she began working for other families documenting their stories at just 20 years old.

Within just a few years, Kayce was one of the most sought after newborn photographers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I mean with a last name like Stork, how could you not be successful in newborn photos, right?! She loved working with new Mom's and snuggling those precious little ones, but by 2012 she felt her heart being pulled in a completely different direction.

 Kayce had assisted and photographed dozens of weddings and fell in love with the wedding industry.

She knew that eventually she planned to go full time with Weddings. This dream became a reality in mid-2014. Traveling to as far as Michigan, and Texas for her wonderful couples and focusing only on them! It was hard to give up Newborn & Portrait Photography, but once the change was made, her wedding business only went up from there.

After bouncing from coffee shop to coffee shop, to meet with her brides, Kayce received a call in July of 2015 about an amazing opportunity for a space to call her own. In November of 2015, Kayce joined forces with The Gulf Coast Event Professionals and opened their beautiful showroom in downtown Biloxi.

By 2017, Kayce can say she has photographed it all, including Senators, Governors and even the United States President, but her love is, and always will be, with her Wedding Clients. 


"It's a beautiful thing when a passion and career come together..."